Episode 09 – Human Caterpillar w/ Michael Isaacs and Matt Cobos

Good day Guv’na and welcome back to PETA (People Enjoying Terrible Accidents) and this our 9th episode where the gang welcomes Michael Isaacs, Denver comedian, to the ranks. On this episode we talk about dummies willingly climbing into wild animal enclosures but we make a few pit stops into the Human Centipede, the Great Emu Wars of 1932, and Hippos being bad at fellatio. Don’t forget to tell all your people about the pod. Don’t forget to rate and subscribe to the pod. And definitely DO NOT FORGET to support the podcast by donating or sponsoring all our hard work. It only takes a couple of folks to make it, but it takes hours and hours to bring it to you…
Recorded at Andie’s Condo, Lakewood, CO
Your Guest:  Michael Isaacs
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Your Host: Andie Main
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Your Co-Host: Matt Cobos
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Your Producer:  Carlos Madrid
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Music by: Ben Kronberg
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Cover Art by: Jordan Doll
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